Asking to be just be paid for my labour in a timely fashion
Some people just don't understand that freelancing can be a realistic career
It's been a crazy few weeks...

July 2021

I can't shake the feeling I should be doing more...
Turns out, there's quite a lot of difference between being employed remotely and self-employment

June 2021

If you're not being treated with respect then it's probably time to call time
I didn't get verified on Twitter — but that doesn't mean I'm a bad journalist
Is the relationship between public relations and journalism more complex than we typically acknowledge?

May 2021

I want this newsletter to be as useful as possible for readers — let me know how to help you
Don't be a dick for the sake of it, but sometimes it's OK to hate stuff everyone else loves
As a writer, it's important to remember this when 'awareness' days/weeks/months come around
Reach for the stars...